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Quantitas maintains an active line of work in the development of R + D + i, which can provide new capabilities in the areas for which currently works: industry, energy and banking, or open new sectors. These projects are developed for or in collaboration with other companies and / or entities with experience in Europe and Latin America.


Noteworthy is the ability of the team (engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians) to adapt efficient extraction solutions and calculation of data through cloud computing, adapted to very different projects and sectors, thanks to its multidisciplinary training and experience as independent experts.

Quantitas provides solutions for both small migration projects and data management in SMEs, and to address major R + D + i with companies, universities and technology centers, where the company has great experience.

In recent years we have participated in developing of 6 national and international R + D + I projects, being own projects, or being partners or subcontractor.

As an example of subcontracted work, include:

  • SAPEB UAV Project: Quantitas develops mathematical models and SW Big Data processing of LIDAR sensors on unmanned flights on forests for their interpretation and subsequent use for forest management and other uses.
  • SCUBA SaaS Project: Development of SW for processing and analysis of bank data in order to serve as an aid to combat money laundering and economic crime.