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Cloud Computing

Quantitas Software is a technology based company that develops applications of Cloud Computing, specializing in data management and measures and their subsequent mathematical analysis aimed at SMEs. Quantitas Software also works in highly innovative solutions through R + D + i projects in collaboration with other companies, universities and technology centers.

Features and benefits of our Cloud Computing solutions for SMEs:

  • Expertise in data management and measures and their exploitation through mathematical analysis: modeling, control of uncertainty, statistical analysis and data mining.
  • Creating tools of Software as a Service, to be exploited by our clients with computer and mathematical support of Quantitas.
  • Using free software and on cloud servers with lower cost and higher performance.
  • Outsourced and expert service.
  • Support in managing funding and grants for such projects.
  • Projects tailored to each client that allow:
    • Saving costs (personnel, supplies, etc)
    • Product improvement
    • Process Improvement
    • Migrating Data
    • Complete access to data and measures

Combined with the characteristics of cloud computing model:

  • No investment or purchase of servers or licenses. Payment for use of the technology platform based on Free Software.
  • Dynamic scalability, adjusting at all times serving the real needs of computing, storage and connectivity.
  • Access from any device with internet browser, facilitating the cross-platform work and distributed information access.
  • High availability of applications and data: 24x7x365.
  • Eliminates the need of own customer's staff for managing infrastructure (HW and SW updates, update patches, backups, management, etc.) through outsourcing the service.
  • Information Security. Performing automated backups of the website and database.